Raycon Global


Art Direction | UX / UI Design


Through research on the target consumer, Redesign the brand guidelines and create the overall concepts of the content in order to position Raycon as an aspirational celebrity-driven brand. Based on the concept, I developed print materials (package design, product catalog, and postcard), and digital products (photos and video for marketing collaterals).

About Raycon Global Brand

Raycon Global is an electronics e-commerce company based in New York City.
Ray J, one of Raycon's co-founders, brings his own unique energy to the brand.
Raycon provides the most popular, affordable products to underdogs and music lovers around the world.


Based on the research of our target consumer's taste and behavior, create branding identity and guidelines. And developed digital assets and marketing collaterals for Raycon's social media. By creating target-specific digital content, we were able to increase web traffic while boosting the return of sales.

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Information Architecture

Not only create initial navigation, But I continuously tailing the site map according to the data from users.
By integrating user data, we define what is the pain point for the user during the web experience and solve the problem by redesign the sitemap.


I prioritize all the ideas and contents wishlists which are collected from the team, and bring it to life in the form of a wireframe.

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My role

As a part of the founding team, the goal was to position the brand to market appropriately. I was responsible for generating consist of brand assets like graphic, packaging, catalog design, and photoshoot.

PPE Buddy