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Art Direction
UX/UI Design

A designer with an artist's heart, my aim is to design human-centered digital products that enrich people’s lives.

I believe human-centered design makes digital products enrich people’s lives!

Brief of what I do
Currently, work as a

freelance Senior Designer

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Recently, I began freelancing as an visual designer and art director, a journey that’s allowed me to take my work to the next level. I’m honored to work with creative people that share my belief in strong design. 

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Art Direct




Visual Design

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Skills and Capacity
My highlights skills is Interactive Design. But my curiosity makes me expand what I do. Desire to store inspiration helped me to develop Photography skills, From that, I elevate my skills to videography and motion graphics to tell a further story.

Samsung IFA Knox Zone

Interactive Design | Animation | UI Design

Storytelling about Samsung Knox mobile app with an entertaining interactive media wall.

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Raycon Global

Art Direction | UX / UI Design

Electronics brand backed by renowned musicians and influencers.

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Corner Office NYC

Art Direction | UI/UX Design

Expand online reach of Co-working services that have various office solutions and personalities.

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"This is how the magic happens"

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Project Objective
Target Audience
Market Competitors
Product Lifecycle
Content Requirements
Functional Specifications



thinking how to visualize the idea

Design Strategy

My design philosophy is a solution-based design approach that fulfills consumer needs, helping my clients achieve their goals and objectives.

To make this happen, lots of ideas need to be tested. The end goal of this phase is to create an idea for a design strategy that is both functional and visually appealing. 

the idea into value

Prototype &
Generate Contents

In this phase, I create and experiment with visual assets to find the best way to present the product to the consumer. 

Through a prototype and usability test I am able to see what works and what doesn’t through different iterations of user feedback, allowing me to make sure everything is running smoothly before the project is launched.

Information Architect
Visual Design
Interactive design
Usability Testing
Project Launch

To learn and expand

Continuously develop project

User-centered research is a central part of my design process. Through continuous iterations, it uses real-user data to discover problems and allow for the optimization of the project before it is launched. 

Through long-lasting business relationships I am able to both troubleshoot my client’s products and grow myself through the expansion of my original project.