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Capturing beauty of yourself

Portrait Photography

My pursuits for portraits started as I have interest
in observing people.

Capturing people and how I view them through my lens can't be same image as other images that already out in the world, since every people is different. I believe shooting for people already has own value.  It's fascinating!

Recent project

Personal Taste

I believe that what people does and how they grew up can affects them into who they are today. Everyone has their unique look or vibe they put together through out the life, from clothes style to face expression they make.

Also it ties to how do they want to portray themselves to the society. This project is to help people to transfer their desired image or their current self to the visualized image.

Horam Song


To me, staying in stereotypical think or logic is boring. I love to throw the new vision and direction on familar thing. This part of my personality affected to my style as well, in terms of mixing women and men's clothe accessories and match up together.

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