Samsung IFA Knox Zone


Interactive Design | Animation | UI Design

  • Proposed Samsung's newly launched security app "Knox" product in IFA 2016
  • Attract the visitor to get inside the Samsung booth by developing high quality appealing interactive media experience zone

Develop innovative but fun interactive experience zone that mainly for helping the consumer understand about the newly launched security application ”KNOX”. Since it was new to the consumer, nor the familiar concept, one of the key points for the project was to make this zone easy to access and fun.

Fun personal experience zone

Welcome to Knox theme park!

The Idea and concept came from an amusement park which can entertain the visitor.

By developing Interaction, visual design, and animations that have a theme park concept, we generated the amusement park’s happy mood all over the zone.

Guide Animations

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The Knox theme park guide map

Each amusement stages from ticketing to get the gifts, the contents contain Samsung's new products information and function.

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