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Corner Office NYC




Website Design | Marketing Design


The high-level objective was to boost lead generation and reflect the Corner Office’s aesthetic on new website - clean and streamlined. And further more, Corner Office wanted to execute cross promotion on social media, email marketing, and Google ads.

Corner office is co-working space and office leasing company which is located in Brooklyn, New York.

Observation and analysis

In the website audit, our team discovered usual flaws in terms of broken links, bugs, complicated workflows, and call function which was a huge undiscovered hole where their leads get lost.

Corner Office has many different solutions for the common business person on-the-go. While this gives options to many potential customers, but often confuses them regarding the identity of the company and also staffs were facing difficulty to organize and position to new leads.

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Multichannel marketing campaign

My team executed several campaigns as the website is launched. In the pen campaign, which is for the Labor Day / Summer campaign, we used several different brand personas that would be attracted to each of Corner Office’s locations. The campaign was executed mainly focused on generating leads by targeting not only the existing target audience but also the newly developed target audience.

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My Role

As an art director and digital designer in Digital Artistry Marketing Agency, I focus on directing visual design part of this project as well as developing the front-end. And also overlooked and observed every step of creations on marketing campaign materials.