Samsung CES


Interactive Design | Motion Graphic


Develop an interactive zone that built to present their newly launched Gear 3 products and Washer product lines in CES 2017

Utilize the cutting edge technology in media installation in order to create wow factors and impress the consumer. And visualize the ideas that can explain new products effectively with that technology.

We decided to combine multiple technology, devices, and medium to develop the story.

Using a project beam technic, make a several layer animation printed panel.

Researching the product features and plan the design and animation concept how to efficiently and easily explain about features to the visitor.

Engage the visitors to new tech world

Samsung Washer and Dryer

This Media installation was made with multiple layers of panels that can contain creative contents using the cutting edge tech.

I mainly focused on how to tell the product's story to an audience using the layers of animation. Separate the main animation and features assets animation, it explains the product under different situations and functions.

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Contents in LCD

Focus on explaining the specific functions of the products, contents have made by manipulating the original product's Interface design and 3d modelings.

Contents in Transparent cylinder

The content that engaged in visual storytelling was designed to highlight specific features of the product and made into a animation and presented on the transparent cylinder.

Overview of Layered Installation

Samsung Gear 3

In order to harmonize the function-focused content and the story focused content, the advanced technology has been fused to show the contents in layers.

And lead the users to experience new experiences that have not been done before.

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